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About us

The passion and values of motorcycling have allowed us to bring together, for the 2021-2022 season, a team of 16 students. Our project is both innovative and ambitious. To counteract the limitation of noise emissions that bound the performance of combustion engines, our team sets out to design and manufacture an electric motorbike with more than 120 hp. 

To end this, we have chosen to do a retro-fit project. To do that, we have to recover the cycle part from a motorbike and integrate an electric powertrain. 

We are a student association, each of our future engineers is committed to achieving our goals. The multidisciplinarity offered by our course at the "Institut Supérieur de l'Automobile et des Transports" (ISAT) provides us with a solid base of knowledge, both in the mechanical and energetic fields. In addition the Phd students and research teachers of the University of Burgundy are present to help us if we encounter any issues during the design.

Motivated by a real desire of success, the EMI team makes the most of the resources allocated to it in order to produce the most powerful bike possible.

Project Presentation

What's the EMI project ?

Founded in September 2018, the EMI project is an integral part of the ISAT-related training curriculum. Indeed, during their first year of the engineering cycle, students are responsible for a project whose objectives they must define and carry out its progress. The team is thus renewed every year. The design and manufacture of the motorcycle are then carried out by the students and the partners only. Some phases of realization cannot be accomplished by the students alone, because of the lack of technical or financial means. This is why we emphasize the importance of a partnership between professionals and engineering students.

Technical Requirements

The combination of performance, strong sensations and respect for the energy transition pushes us to think differently about the motorcycle. The integration of an electric powertrain imposes new design constraints on us. To meet these needs, we have organized our team into four departments with only one goal for this season: to create a high-performance machine.


Team Presentation


The first department, called Energetics & Electronics, is responsible for the powertrain and in-car electronics. Divided into two teams, the first will be responsible for designing the battery pack and the powertrain system. The second team will be in charge of the on-board electronics for the riding aids, the acquisition of the motorcycle's constants and the telemetric data.

The second department, named Mechanical & Design Department, is based on motorcycle dynamics and materials mechanics. Its role is on the one hand to study the existing frame and swingarm in order to adapt them to the new electric powertrain. On the other hand, a ground linkage team sizes the suspensions and the braking system. The dimensioning of the various elements of the motorcycle is possible thanks to a rigorous working method.

Communication is an essential aspect for a student project like ours that has no start-up funds. We have set up a communication department that produces newsletters and posts on social networks to keep you informed of the progress of our project. The search for sponsors is carried out by all the members of the team, each one of them having to find the sponsors necessary to the achievement of the tasks of his department. 


Covid-19 News
Update Covid-19

Due to the current health issues, we wanted to confirm that our project continues. We try to adapt our work as good as possible to minimize the impact on our goals. The whole team want to encourage and to thanks all those involved in the fight against the virus. Thank you again for the trust you have placed in us.